The time of the Divine Mercy

Saint Faustina and the Divine Mercy



In October 1937, Lord Jesus urged worship at the time of his death in this world:


_  «Whenever you hear the clock at three o’clock, immerse yourself in My mercy, worshiping it and glorifying it; pray to the omnipotence of the Divine Mercy for the whole world and especially for poor sinners, since at that time in the day, I opened myself to save each soul. In that hour you can receive everything you ask for for yourself and others. At that time of day, grace was installed for the whole world, mercy triumphed over justice. At that time, try to pray the Via Crucis, as soon as your duties let you; and if you cannot pray the Via Crucis, at least take a moment to enter into the sanctuary and worship My Blessed Heart that is full of mercy in front of the Sacred Sacrament. If you cannot enter the sanctuary, immerse yourself in prayer wherever you are, even if just for a very short time. I expect everybody to worship My mercy, but most of all you, since I have allowed you to know this mystery more deeply. » _ (1572)


This exhortation from Jesus, as well as being beautiful, is very precise because it tells us the time and the way in which we should glorify and ask for his mercy. We pray to the Holy Spirit to fill us with his gifts to completely fulfill the Divine request.


 Jesus in You I trust.