Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus



O Sacred Heart of Jesus, I give and consecrate to Thee, my actions and pains, my sufferings and my life, in order that my entire being may be devoted to honor, love and glorify Thy Sacred Heart. It is my sincere determination to be and to do all for Thy love.


I renounce with all my heart, all that may be displeasing to Thee. I choose Thee, O Sacred Heart, for the only object of my love, the protector of my life, the pledge of my salvation, the remedy of my weakness and inconstancy, the repairer of my past defects, and my safe asylum at the hour of death.
Be then, O Heart of Goodness, my advocate near God the Father and save me from His just anger. O Heart of Love, in Thee I place all my confidence, I fear much from my own malice and weakness but I hope all from Thy goodness. Destroy in me all that displeases or resists Thee.


Let Thy pure love be so deeply impressed on my heart that I may never forget, or be separated from Thee. O Jesus, I implore Thee, by Thy goodness, to let my name be written in Thy Sacred Heart, that living and dying in quality of Thy slave, I may find all my glory and happiness in Thee. Amen. 



St. Margaret Mary

Sister of the Visitation