The image of the Divine Mercy

Saint  Faustina Kowalska and the Divine Mercy



The outline of the image was revealed to Sister Faustina in the vision of February 22, 1931. “At dusk, while I was in my room – she writes in her Diary – I saw the Lord Jesus dressed in a white robe. He had one hand raised to bless and with the other he touched the robe on his chest. From the opening of the tunic in the chest, two great rays came out: one red and one pale. (…) After a moment, Jesus told me: « *_Paint an image according to the model you see, and write: Jesus, I trust in You  » ”. (47)


The image presents the risen Savior who brings peace to mankind through the forgiveness of sins, paid for by his Passion and death on the cross. The rays of Blood and Water that flow from the Heart pierced by the spear and the signs of the nails evoke the events of Good Friday. (Jn 19, 17-18, 33-37). The most characteristic elements of this image of Christ are the rays. The Lord Jesus explains what they mean: “ _*The pale ray symbolizes the Water that vindicates souls. The red ray symbolizes the Blood that is the life of souls  ”. (299)


The image, in addition to presenting the Mercy of God, is also a call to remember the Christian duty to trust in God and actively love others. Understood as the Christian attitude of trust and mercy, Lord Jesus associated the image with the special promises of: eternal salvation, great progress on the path to Christian perfection, the grace of a happy death, and all the other graces to be prayed for with faith.


        “Through this image I will fill the souls with many graces. That is why I want each soul to have access to it ” . (570)


Jesus in You I trust .