The message of Divine Mercy

Saint  Faustina Kowalska and the Divine Mercy



God is merciful. He is the Love itself that pours over us and does not want anyone to remain without receiving that Merciful Love. God wants us to return to Him with confidence and repentance while it is the time of Mercy, before His coming on the day of Justice.


«Humanity will not find well-being or peace until it is directed with complete trust to my Mercy»  (300)


”Write down these words, my child, speak to the world of My Mercy so that all mankind knows the infinite Mercy. It is a sign of the end of times, after that will come the day of justice. There is still time, so that they turn to the Source of My Mercy, so that they benefit from the Blood and Water that is poured for them ” . (848)


Jesus, I trust in You