Spreading devotion to the Divine Mercy

Saint Faustina and the Divine Mercy



Another form of devotion to the Divine Mercy consists in spreading His word because in doing so some of His promises are fulfilled.


_  «For the souls that spread the devotion to My mercy, I protect them throughout their lives as an affectionate mother with their child from birth right up to the time of their death. I will not be for them the Judge, but the Merciful Savior» * _ ( 1075).


The essence of worshipping the Divine Mercy consists in faith in God and charity to your neighbor. The Lord Jesus demands that we totally trust in Him:


”_I desire the trust of My creatures, invite souls to develop a great faith in My unfathomable mercy. Weak souls and sinners, even if they have committed more sins than there are grains of sand, should not be afraid to approach Me. Everything will fade away in the vastness of My mercy ” _. (1059)


Jesus commands us to love our neighbor and to carry out acts of mercy in word, deed and prayer. _ * ”You must show mercy to others always and everywhere. You cannot stop doing it, or excuse yourself, or justify failing to doing it ” _. (742)


The act of spreading devotion to the Divine Mercy does not require many words but rather a Christian attitude of faith, of trust in God and the purpose of becoming more and more merciful.


 Jesus in You I trust.